Website Maintenance

Limbonia Tech offers excellent website maintenance plans from basic website maintenance to more in-depth maintenance, security and monitoring. Having at least a basic website maintenance plan is critical to any website owner. Regulating updating your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running smoothly and at full capacity. Proper maintenance will safeguard your site, increase security, boost visitor traffic, and much more.  

Hosting and Domain Registration

Ensure hosting and registration is current and up-to-date ensuring your unique URL and web design live on the Internet.


We provide support when you have issues with your business hosted email. We also help set it up on all of your devices.


Advice, tips, and training relating to owning and administering a website. Excellent customer service.


Includes all website platform updates excluding major page modifications and full site redesigns. Most requests are fulfilled within 24 hours.


Security and Backups

Daily and Weekly Site Backups. Remove all website viruses and hacks. Monitor and apply security updates and patches. Maintain SSL certificates.


Social Media

We are available to help with setting up and configuring your social media presence. 


Uptime Monitoring

All managed websites are monitored for uptime. This ensures that when you visit your site, it will not be down, blank or getting connection errors.

Change Detection

Sometimes websites can get spam, adult content or other inappropriate hacked text on it.  Our change detection will monitor your site to ensure no unapproved or unexpected changes are being made.


 SSL certificates secure the traffic to and from your website. SSL has become common, not just for eCommerce, but all websites. The benefits are: security, search engine ranking and trust. Plus, popular web browsers will list your website as NOT SECURE if you don’t have an SSL. We have standard SSL included in our hosting packages and we will ensure that your certificate remains current. You can also increase security by purchasing a more premium SSL certification.

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