Limbonia Tech specializes in professional web design, hosting and maintenance of our customers websites. Our clients can rest assured knowing their online presence is being taken care of with our multiple website services. We are always available by phone and email to provide updates, troubleshooting, website and technical advice, whatever your business’ online needs.

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Web Design

Web Design

Our websites are modern, mobile-friendly, built with responsive designs that will take a businesses core values and message to the next level. Each site is designed to fit all screen sizes and customized to fit your unique business requirement.
Website Mantenance

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance plans range from basic website maintenance to more in-depth maintenance, security and monitoring. Having at least a basic website maintenance plan is critical to any website owner.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We host and manage our clients websites.  Our web hosting platform offers supreme reliability with 24X7X365 monitoring, affordable power with blazing fast cloud hosting, complete control of your site to fit your specific needs, and security to protect your reputation, business and brand.

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eCommerce Configuration

Social Media Configuration

Providing You Reliable Uploads, Downloads, & Backups

We Give You the Stats You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities

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