Website Administration

We can handle any aspect of web administration, from managing your domain name and hosting to providing ongoing support and performing necessary updates. At your request we can promptly address any outages or broken pages, ensuring seamless functionality. Additionally, we offer timely website tweaks, such as text and image changes, to keep your content up to date. Start with Basic Administration or opt for our Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans, which offer prepaid administration time and cost savings. Build your website on a solid foundation with Limbonia Tech’s Administration services. Get it now and experience the difference.

Administration Tasks


Investigate and fix outages and broken pages as far as possible.  Restoring available backups if needed.


Includes minor website tweaks, information / text changes, image changes and so forth. Most requests are fulfilled within 24 hours.

Excludes major page modifications and full site redesigns.

Domain Management

Anything to do with managing the domain name and associated things:

    • Add / remove subdomain
    • Add / remove email address
    • Add / remove email forward

On-Demand Backups

Perform a backup of site files and data.  Helps with peace of mind that your site and it’s data are safe.

This backup uses space from your hosting plan.

Account Management

Anything dealling with accounts on the site or

    • Add / remove site account
    • Add / remove FTP account

Software Updates

We handle bug fixes, security fixes and any other software updates that are needed for the website.

Web Administration Pricing

Build on a solid foundation